the Data Workbench

For aid and development professionals working with data

Are you using data to provide insights into the work and results of your organisation?

We offer a platform with the tools you need: a workbench and support to gather data, to prepare and verify data sets, and to help you publish and use that is relevant and accurate.

Create your IATI data

We help you set up and embed your IATI publication policies and process, and convert spreadsheets with your data into IATI files.

Check and improve your IATI data

With our data quality feedback platform, you can verify your data follows the Standard, donor guidelines, or your own business rules.

Use your data

Work together with other organisations, and see your combined data in action in your own dashboard to monitor your partnerships.

Our services and product development

We offer data services at various price levels, and continue to develop our products based on the needs of organisations that want to benefit from open data and IATI today. And if you want to include tools based on your specific needs and circumstances, and make them available to the wider community, let's talk!

Contact us to learn more about the Data Workbench